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custom DTF gang sheet (1-3 business days tat)

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Custom ready to press direct to film transfers 

Step 1. Upload your design

File Requirements:

- File must be uploaded as PNG with transparent background. 

- File size recommendation is 300dpi or more.

- Do not mirror your image.

Step 2.

- Choose your size.


 Important information.

A heat press is required to use these transfers. They will NOT work if you use a regular household iron. 

  Application Instructions:

Set the heat press to 315-330 degrees with medium/heavy pressure for 15 seconds.

Press garment for 7-10 seconds to remove moisture.

Place the transfer on the garment and press for 15 seconds. 

Let cool and peel transfer carefully from the shirt and place a parchment paper/butcher paper/tissue paper on top of the print and re press for 10 seconds. You can re press twice but it's optional. 

Allow the paper the cool down and peel carefully. 


Note: Scaling doesn’t always follow the width of your design, rather it is printed following the longest side of your file. 

Disclaimer: BBSS is not responsible in replacing mis prints due to wrong file submission including but not limited to file not having a transparent background. It is your responsibility to check your files are submitted in the correct file. By submitting your order, you agree that you have double checked your files and agree to our terms.